POPGUNNN, De live dance sensatie van 2016/2017

Our company name gives you a hint: our passion for light and lasers is the foundation for our company Love4Lasers. We wanted our company name to reflect our passion. Are you curious to learn why we chose Love4Lasers? The doubts and beliefs we faced choosing our name? Read all about it in this blog. 

Love4Lasers: how does it sound when you repeat it a couple of times? How will people react when they hear the name? Will they remember it, like a song that keeps playing over and over again in your head?

Maarten and Sander have several years’ know-how in the world of shows, theatre and events. “We feel a true passion for our job and we want to share this passion with the world. So how could we reflect our love for the job in our company name? Something that has to do with love … Passion for lasers, lasers for you, love & lasers. These names didn’t quite ring true for us. What about Love for lasers? Not bad, but “for” spelled out did look a little stupid. How could we solve this? Suddenly we had a great idea: we turn “for” into a “4”. Ta-da: Love4Lasers was born. Cool. Time to sort out the rest.”

Would you like to know more about the origins of Love4Lasers? Are you interested in the start of our company, or the company logo? You can read all about it in our blogs.

You can also request more information. Do you wish to discuss your plans or request our rates? Or is there something else you’d like to know? Contact Love4Lasers and discover everything you need to know.


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