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Love4Lasers: what’s in a name?

Our company name gives you a hint: our passion for light and lasers is the foundation for our company Love4Lasers. We wanted our company name to reflect our passion. Are you curious to learn why we chose Love4Lasers? The doubts and beliefs we faced choosing our name? Read all about it in this blog. 

Love4Lasers’s logo

A logo for a company called Love4Lasers should have a little heart in it, shouldn’t it? We could picture it already: an image of three little hearts in red, green and blue, just like our RGB party lasers. The end result? It turned out to be completely different.

Start of Love4Lasers

In the province of Flevoland there hasn’t been a company that rents out laser shows or laser lights for parties. At least … until now. Because Maarten Klingenberg and Sander van den Bout recently founded their company, Love4Lasers, in Lelystad. This blog tells you all about the start of Love4Lasers.