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In the province of Flevoland there hasn’t been a company that rents out laser shows or laser lights for parties. At least … until now. Because Maarten Klingenberg and Sander van den Bout recently founded their company, Love4Lasers, in Lelystad. This blog tells you all about the start of Love4Lasers.

“Based on our many years of experience in the world of events, theatre, light and sound, we – i.e. Maarten and Sander – came up with the idea to start our own business in renting laser shows, an area in which we can combine each of our experience and talents. We were amazed that in Flevoland, which has a lot of events, no other company had ever had the idea to rent lasers. And since we think lasers are awesome, maybe we should be the ones to launch a laser show business?

But where to start? Setting up a business is quite something. What did we want exactly? How would we distinguish ourselves from the competition? That last question was easily answered: we wouldn’t simply be a company that rents out lasers, we would be a company dedicated to quality, and a passion for lasers.” Maarten and Sander put their plans into action and registered at the Chamber of Commerce in april 2015: Love4Lasers was born.

“In the coming years we want to provide spectacular laser shows that kick events into high gear, and build up a big and satisfied customer base. With our ambition, technical know-how and our willingness to always go the extra mile, we trust we will succeed. But enough about our plans – have a look around and get to know us! In our blogs What’s in a name and Love4Lasers’s logo, you can learn more about our company.”

You can also request more information. Do you wish to discuss your plans or request our rates? Or is there something else you’d like to know? Contact Love4Lasers and discover everything you need to know.

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